Tractor BELARUS-321 شراء في تدجننت
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العملة DZD
Tractor BELARUS-321 شراء في تدجننت
شراء Tractor BELARUS-321
Tractor BELARUS-321

Tractor BELARUS-321

تحديد السعر من البائع
الجزائر, تدجننت
عرض الهواتف

The tractor is designed for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed implements as in industry and for transport operations.

Small overall dimensions permit to use the tractor in greenhouses and small-sized areas.
Diesel engine complies with Tier IIIA Stage ecological requirements according to emissions of hazardous substances.

Optional equipment:
  • Front hitch
  • Front PTO with tail
  • Front ballast weights
  • Catalogue of parts and units
  • Hitching flexible pipes
  • Bracket with cutoff clutches
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Tractor BELARUS-321
Tractor BELARUS-321
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